Our Coaching

Our Coaching Aims to Empower You

We have broken down surfing into a set of specific skills that can be built on top of each others to help you learn and improve your surfing with confidence. 

In every surfing session, you will focus on a specific skill and be provided with clear instructions, tailored feedbacks and follow up drills. The aim is to share a clear roadmap to guide you in your surfing journey.

This roadmap has several ramifications and detours that we can take together with more specialized skills such as longboarding or shortboarding.  

Dry Land Theory Lessons and Video Analysis

Our surf sessions include theory lessons tailored to the specific skill you are learning. These lessons will cover every aspect of surfing including wave    mechanics, surf etiquette, paddle techniques, body movements and others.

We believe Video Analysis is a must in term of progression irrespective of your surfing level. Following the individual video analysis, we provide clear feedbacks and tailored exercises for you to get through the skills you are working on and
lose any bad habit.

We will share with you all your videos and photos!

Progress Tracker

We keep track of your progress from one surfing session to the other. This allows your coach to keep your progress and goal on hand to see what the next step is. Just as important, it allows you to see how far you have come!