How to Prepare for Your Surf Adventure

Your VSS Surf Camp is just around the corner, and you want to make sure you are physically prepared to have a lot of fun surfing with us! Although we teach surfing to people of all ages and physical fitness level (i.e. come as you are :)), it is easier to progress in surfing if you are in good physical shape.


 Venao Surf School_Surfskating

Surfskating is designed to mimic the movements of surfing on land. It will help you with your surf stance, balance and stability. With surfskating, you can also perfect your carving technique and learn to generate speed on land. And the great thing about surfskating is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. However, make sure to wear all the protections to avoid getting injured! 


 Venao Surf School_ Swimming

Paddling is a fundamental part of surfing, and swimming is the ultimate paddling training. The repetitive motion of swimming strengthens your upper body, which is a key to powerful paddling. Swimming is also a fantastic full-body workout that improves your cardio. So dive into the water of your local pool and embrace the joy of swimming. Whether it's freestyle strokes, open water swims, or training drills, each swim session will contribute to your progression as a (future) surfer.

Flexibility and Balance

Surfing is all about finding your balance on the board. So, why not incorporate some balance and flexibility exercises into your life routine? Grab a balance board, try some yoga poses, or practice standing on one leg like a flamingo (yeah, you read that right!). These exercises will help you improve your stability, coordination, and that sweet surf flow!