Planning Your Trip

How can I pay for my booking

You can pay your booking online through the secured paiement link that we will send you. You can use your international credit card or make an international wire. Reach out to us ( for any additional questions.

How do I make my booking

When you confirm to us that you would like to come to our surf camp, we will send you a secured paiement linked to pay a 50% deposit. The balance is payable 30 days before the start of your surf camp. Please refer to our Booking and Cancellation policy for more details.

Can I cancel my booking

Please refer to our Booking and Cancellation Policy page for more information.

What is the best time of the year to visit and surf in Playa Venao

Playa Venao offers ideal conditions for surfing for all levels throughout the year.


The weather at Playa Venao is mostly warm with an average temperature between 77°F (25°C) and 86°F (30°C).

The Dry Season runs between December and April. During this time, it is typically sunny with no rainfall.

The Green Season runs between May and November. It is typically sunny and clear most mornings with tropical shower rain few times per week.


Playa Venao is a 2.5 miles secluded bay surrounded by lush tropical forest, giving it a truly exotic vibe. It is a sand-bottomed beach break with very consistent waves all year around and warm water (no need for a wetsuit). It is an ideal place to safely coach surfing. The waves are on average waist to head-high.

During the Dry Season, the wind typically blows offshore in the afternoons creating glassy and clean conditions.

During the Green Season, the wind typically blows onshore in the mid-afternoons and dies off later in the day.

The above details are given as an indication and the conditions can always change.


What if the waves are too big for me

Venao is one of the only places in the world where you can surf all year around.

It has many surf spots. Even when the swell is big, there are spots that work for beginners.

Our coach team will ensure that you have a fun and safe surf experience.

Can I surf outside the coaching sessions

You are welcome to grab a board (included in the package) and surf as much as you want during your stay with us.

Do you coach intermediate surfers

Our team is able to coach surfers of all levels. The coaching method will be adapted to your level. The coaching of intermediate surfers will be more technical with a focus on wave count, identifying limitation factors (through video analysis) and providing specific drills and action points to overcome those limitations and progress in your surfing.

What surfboard would I be using

Once your booking is confirmed we will ask you to complete a registration form that will help our team identify your surfing level and best surfboard for you (as a start).

After the first surf coaching session, we will make any needed board adjustment.

The idea is for you to have the most appropriate surfboard (picked from a large selection of softboards, fun boards, longboards and shortboards) that will allow you to have fun while progressing in your surfing.

You are also very welcome to bring your own surfboard.

How many coaching sessions would we have per day

You will have 1 to 2 surf coaching sessions per day in addition to other surf related activities such as surf skating and surf flow and fitness.


How far is the surf camp from the beach

The Surf Lodge is 150m walk from the beach.

Do I need to bring towels

Our surf camp provides bath towels. These should not be taken to the beach, so please pack your favorite beach towel.

Is Playa Venao safe

Yes! Playa Venao is a super safe place with very limited to no petty crime.

What is the night life like in Venao

Venao is a relatively quite town with visitors coming for the stunning surf. Having said that, there are few restaurants and bars where you can hang out.

Do I need to bring cash with me

Panama uses USD and its local currency. There are few places and activities (if you want to go for a massage, etc.) in Playa Venao that only accept cash hence it is better to bring USD with you.

Is there a pharmacy in Playa Venao

You can buy few over-the-counter medicines in Playa Venao. However, the closest pharmacy and hospital are located 30 min drive away from Playa Venao. We advise you to stock up on any medication that you might need during your stay with us.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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