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Wednesday Women Surf

Wednesday Women Surf

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1:30 hours

What Is Included

  • 1:30 Hour Session
  • Highly Qualified Coach
  • 1 : 1 Goal Setting & Feedback
  • On Land Theory and Personalised Drills
  • You must provide your own surfboard
  • Lot of Fun in a Safe Environment!


Our coaches will not always be in the water with you so you must be able to be safe in the ocean.

Validity & Cancellation

All lessons are valid for up to 14 days upon purchase.

We have a no refund policy. 

You can reschedule your session up to 12 hours before its start. Whitin the 12 hour window, a cancelled session may not be re-booked.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to lesson time, not earlier as your coach might be in the water with a previous lesson.

If you are more than 15 minutes late from the actual start time given by the coach, you may not be able to attend nor can your lesson be re-booked.

Every Wednesday, Venao Surf School will be hosting a surf session exclusively for women from 7am to 8:30am. 

We want to get together likeminded women and our highly experienced coach to give you tips on how to improve your surfing skills, get more confident in the ocean and share specific exercises and drills to help in your surf journey.

We will be there answering your questions regarding your surfing and will be watching you as you surf to give you extra guidance or advice.

If you want to go out in the water with a group of amazing women, have fun, share your knowledge and put into practice your new skills, then come along and join the Venao Surfing Women community.

For surfers who are able to catch waves by themselves.

We want to offer a space where our Venao surfing women can come along, get to know each others and progress their surfing.

Get to know our coaches.


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